Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

A mobile industrial cleaning company serving clients in the United Kingdom

Cleanliness and hygiene are at the heart of productivity. At Mobile Hygiene Services, we are the UK's trusted industrial cleaning company, providing an extensive range of specialised cleaning services for industrial clients of all sizes. We provide comprehensive cleans, drain cleaning, industrial steam cleaning and more for factories and clients throughout the United Kingdom.


Drain Cleaning

Protect your industrial property from floods and damage with thorough and regular drain cleaning. At Mobile Hygiene Services, we provide specialised drain cleaning services to remove excess silt, litter and debris. Keep your gullies clean and free flowing with help from our team.


Industrial Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the fastest and easiest way to remove dirt, mould, grime or any other surface debris. Pressure washers work by spraying water at high pressure onto various surfaces to clean them quickly and efficiently.


Graffiti removal

Vandalism and defacement can damage the professionalism and first impressions of your business. Utilising powerful machinery and products, we work to quickly remove stubborn graffiti and paint from your site. Our cleaning services eliminate graffiti fast and deter future vandals from striking.


Fire and flood damage cleaning

Working throughout the UK, we know how damaging fires and floods can be. Our professionals are on hand to respond quickly to call outs, determining the most appropriate methods for restoring your property following a fire or flood.


Hygiene cleaning

Restoring cleanliness and hygiene is our forte. We utilise a number of specialised products, coatings and equipment centred on enhancing the reliability and integrity of surfaces and sites. From scrubbing to industrial steam cleaning, book a free site survey and get a quote on your hygiene cleaning requirements.


Water Treatment Cleaning

We carry out processes to prevent Legionnaires' disease in industrial water supplies. This includes cleaning and disinfection of all associated equipment and materials, ensuring your water supply remains safe. Full certification follows all the work undertaken.

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