Cold Room Cleaning

Cold Room Cleaning

Specialised cold room cleaning for businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

Regular cold room cleaning is essential to maintaining consistent and accurate temperatures for food. Also, in this age of compliance with BRC Audits a thorough deep cleaning schedule is vital. Mobile Hygiene Services, specialise in the deep cleaning of small and large cold rooms and chill's for fresh produce and retail industries, among others. Call MHS to arrange a survey of your cold rooms and chill facilities as we undertake cleaning in the UK today. Call our professionals for prompt service now!


Keeping your cold rooms hygienic and fresh

Incorporating all high level cold room cleaning services, we offer expertise for all styles of evaporators, blast coolers and condenser units. Our professionals understand the importance of deep cold room cleaning, ensuring that all health and safety requirements are met. We take care of your cold room walls, floors, ceilings and internal racking to ensure audit compliance and strict levels of hygiene and cleanliness.


Our cold room and chill cleaning expertise

Covering all of the UK, Mobile Hygiene Services offers an extensive range of specialised cold room cleaning services. Our expertise covers:

  • Retail cold room and chill room cleaning
  • Rooms of all sizes
  • Food storage hygiene and sanitation
  • Cold room walls
  • Cold room ceilings
  • Cold room internal racking
  • Specialists on evaporator deep cleaning and maintenance

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